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Thousands of locals from the Raleigh – Durham area visit 919Blog.com on any given day. Our website has quickly become the definitive online community hub for The Triangle area and the #1 local resource to find out about all of the best things going on in your city, including the latest news and updates on popular events, food & drink, entertainment, culture, and other essential community affairs.

Our website’s primary purpose is to showcase the high quality of life in the Raleigh – Durham area through traditional posts and in-demand media. Every single day we put the spotlight on the many remarkable local North Carolina based businesses, fantastic events and of course celebrate the diversity of all the local people here that make The Triangle area such a magnificent and unique place to live, work, shop, play, and enjoy life.

With the help of many passionate and engaged local community members, our well-established publishing partners and talented freelancer contributors, we publish the very best and most informative hyper-local news updates/briefs, in-depth stories on the latest exciting happenings around town, helpful guides for things to see or do, and much more.

Every week our network reaches tens of thousands of engaged readers from around The Triangle region. We have some of the most unique and highest performing advertising opportunities currently available for local advertisers in the marketplace for businesses of all sizes, that simply can’t be found or matched anywhere else. We offer premium “above the fold” prime visibility advertising spots which refer to the portion of the content that most visitors instantly see without ever having to scroll down a page much.

At 919 Digital Ventures, LLC we are always interested in partnering up and working with well-established local Triangle Area based businesses and companies. If you would like to discuss a partnership or sponsorship opportunity on 919Blog.com or any one of our other websites, please get in touch with us!

919 Digital Ventures, LLC

Our Purpose: We strive to bring all of our readers the best local community news, guides and information.

Our Objectives: The aim of each of our 40+ blogs is to inform readers with news briefs and other accounts of what’s happening in their communities. Our blogs provide originally written stories, updates as well as a blended mix of carefully curated content from other local fellow publishers and partners.

Our Values: We are committed to building a trusted platform to serve our local communities by being a relevant and responsible media outlet integrated into The Triangle community. We truly appreciate, respect, and actively pursue diversity of all opinions, people, and cultures. We pride ourselves on our integrity and high quality of our work online and offline.


Who We Are

The 919 Digital Ventures team boasts decades of hands-on experience in the media and online marketing spaces. We are experts in the local digital publishing niche and specialize in high-demand content creation, editorial curation, strategy development, in-network collaboration, work-flow management, multi-platform distribution, social media marketing and digital analysis & measurement.

At the core, we are a veteran group of seasoned media, publishing and marketing industry leaders focused on new media opportunities in under-served markets which have been principally ignored by large traditional media companies. We are also passionate, daring and disruptive entrepreneurs that are never fully satisfied with the way things are today.

We are continually looking for new and improved ways of keeping our local readers and followers better informed, enriched and inspired by our meticulously crafted daily posts and cool new media offerings on our various platforms.

All of us are willing to take necessary risks to innovate and always remain on the very cutting edge of the media/publishing industry online and offline. Our leadership team consists of tech-savvy business leaders and highly accomplished, nationally recognized, multi-skilled publishers with insider know-how of the evolving media industry and the most popular digital trends.

Our local team of experienced digital editors and superstar bloggers/writers are some of the hardest working, most creative and brightest minds in The Triangle area. We are proud to have dozens of well-established and highly respected North Carolina based freelancer contributors, journalists, and versatile all-around digital content creators featured on 919 Blog.

What We Do

Every day we publish hyper-local news, guides and other types of fresh new media content offerings from a wide variety of talented local contributors on happenings, events, rumors, business, entertainment, arts & culture, and much more via 919 Blog. Our roots are in community reporting and citizen journalism. All of us care deeply about the communities we write about daily.

We strive to cover the diversity of all the local neighborhoods where we live, work, study, shop and play by keeping you up-to-date on the latest news, issues, fun activities, and businesses that matter most.

919Blog.com is the ultimate online destination to find out about all the most exciting things happening in your backyard! Whether you are new to the neighborhood, visiting from out of town, grew up here a long time ago, or moved away and want to check back every so often… You can always drop by to see everything that is going on.

We work extremely hard around the clock, 365 days of the year, to do our very best in keeping you up to date with all of the most exciting happenings and other essential community affairs around your hometown. We publish and report on the latest breaking news headlines and updates on popular events, food & drink, culture, art, music and much more.

Our coverage is primarily focused on the local lifestyle in North Carolina and our thriving local business community & economies in the Raleigh – Durham metro region. Occasionally we also broadly cover other topics of interest if there is a need or demand. At 919 Blog we are always looking ahead, to grow and expand our reach, slowly but surely.

Why We Do It

Our company is 110% focused and committed to establishing an independent next-gen media company here in the wonderfully thriving and fast-growing Triangle Area region of Raleigh – Durham – Cary – Chapel Hill – Wake Forest in Central North Carolina.

We know that there is a considerable lack of in-depth local coverage in many parts of The Triangle area, and based on our extensive community research, there seems to be a significant pent-up demand for localized content such as up-to-date news and in-depth guides on the hyper-local levels all throughout the region.

Through our one-of-a-kind digitally streamlined platform we publish and distribute the latest community news, local guides and other types of in-demand digital multimedia focused primarily on lifestyle and business directly via 919Blog.com and our 40+ other sites via The Triangle Blog Network. We presently cover all parts of Wake County, Durham County, Orange County and some parts of 5 additional neighboring counties.

Since the very beginning, over two years ago… The #1 purpose of our network has stayed the same, and that is to showcase the high quality of life in the Raleigh – Durham area. We are all about putting the spotlight daily on the amazing local businesses, remarkable events and of course celebrate the diversity of all the local people here that make The Triangle region such a great and unique place.

Featured 919 Blog Contributors

Amy originally hails from Long Island, NY but has lived in North Carolina for over 20 years and considers it home. You may know her as the force behind Raleigh Specials Tonight, a blog she ran from 2009-2015. Raleigh Specials Tonight lives on via Facebook, Twitter, and the Raleigh Nightlife blog. When she's not writing for various websites or running digital marketing campaigns, Amy can be found out and about Downtown Raleigh living it up, at Carolina Hurricanes hockey games, reading non-fiction books, listening to podcasts, traveling to new places or simply enjoying time with friends and family.
Erick was born and bred in North Carolina. He spent most of his life just outside of Charlotte in the Lake Norman suburbs. He has worked as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, life coach, public speaker, and most recently as a branded content editor and creative strategist for a local Fortune 500 company. Erick now resides in Raleigh with his wife, who is also a writer and published author of multiple books, and their two teenagers. He enjoys all things health, fitness, and tech. Erick has written extensively about consumer technology, food, health, and lifestyle for national magazines, local newspapers, and websites such as MSN.com, PCMag.com, About.com, eHow.com, and LiveStrong.com. In addition to being an all-around awesome person, he is a huge Nascar and college hoops fan.
David attended The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City before relocating to North Carolina. His work has been published online in USA Today, Newsday, Huffington Post, Digital Trends, BuzzFeed, VentureBeat, Patch, Examiner, AOL, and others. David can now be found eating his way through the Oak City which he proudly calls home since 2014. Favorite activities that get him outside and away from his work-desk include visiting museums, art galleries, exploring the thriving culinary scene in Raleigh - Durham and of course spending time at the local dog park with his Shepherd.

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