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What We Do

Every day we publish news, guides and other types of cool media from a wide variety of talented local contributors on happenings, events, rumors, business, entertainment, arts & culture and much more via 919 Blog. Our roots are in community reporting and citizen journalism. All of us care deeply about the communities we write about daily.

We strive to cover the diversity of all the local neighborhoods where we live, work, study, shop and play by keeping you up-to-date on the latest news, issues, fun activities, and businesses that matter most.

919Blog.com is the ultimate online destination to find out about all the exciting things happening in your backyard! Whether you are new to the neighborhood, visiting from out of town, grew up here a long time ago, or moved away and want to check back every so often… You can always drop by to see everything that is going on.

We work extremely hard around the clock, 365 days of the year, to do our very best in keeping you up to date with all of the most interesting happenings and other important community affairs around your hometown. We publish and report on the latest news and updates on popular events, food & drink, culture, art, music and much more.

Our coverage right now is primarily focused on the local lifestyle in North Carolina and our thriving local business community & economies in the Raleigh – Durham metro region. Occasionally we may also broadly cover other topics of interest if there is a need or demand.

919 Digital Ventures, LLC

Our Purpose: We strive to bring all of our readers the best local community news, guides and information.

Our Objectives: The aim of each of our 40+ blogs is to inform readers with news briefs and other accounts of what’s happening in their communities. Our blogs provide originally written stories, updates as well as a blended mix of carefully curated content from other local fellow publishers and partners.

Our Values: We are committed to building a trusted platform to serve our local communities by being a relevant and responsible media outlet integrated into The Triangle community. We truly appreciate, respect, and actively pursue diversity of all opinions, people, and cultures. We pride ourselves on our integrity and high quality of our work online and offline.


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