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Who We Are

The 919 Digital Ventures team boasts decades of hands-on experience in the media and online marketing spaces. We are experts in the local digital publishing niche and specialize in high-demand content creation, editorial curation, strategy development, in-network collaboration, work-flow management, multi-platform distribution, social media marketing and digital analysis & measurement.

At the core, we are a veteran group of seasoned media, publishing and marketing industry leaders focused on new media opportunities in under-served markets which have been principally ignored by large traditional media companies. We are also passionate, daring and disruptive entrepreneurs that are never fully satisfied with the way things are today.

We are continually looking for new and improved ways of keeping our local readers and followers better informed, enriched and inspired by our meticulously crafted posts and exclusive media content offerings on our various platforms.

All of us are willing to take necessary risks to innovate and always remain on the very cutting edge of the media/publishing industry online and offline. Our leadership team consists of tech-savvy business leaders and highly accomplished, nationally recognized, multi-skilled publishers with insider know-how of the evolving media industry and the most popular digital trends.

Our local team of experienced digital editors and superstar bloggers/writers are some of the hardest working, most creative and brightest minds in The Triangle area. Period. We are proud to have many well-established and highly respected North Carolina based freelancer contributors, journalists, and versatile all-around digital content creators featured on 919 Blog.

919 Digital Ventures, LLC

Our Purpose: We strive to bring all of our readers the best local community news, guides and information.

Our Objectives: The aim of each of our 40+ blogs is to inform readers with news briefs and other accounts of what’s happening in their communities. Our blogs provide originally written stories, updates as well as a blended mix of carefully curated content from other local fellow publishers and partners.

Our Values: We are committed to building a trusted platform to serve our local communities by being a relevant and responsible media outlet integrated into The Triangle community. We truly appreciate, respect, and actively pursue diversity of all opinions, people, and cultures. We pride ourselves on our integrity and high quality of our work online and offline.


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