Kate Butz

Kate was born and raised an Indiana Hoosier. She moved to Raleigh with her fiancé, dog, and cat almost a year ago. Kate studied education at Ball State University where she majored in both Family and Consumer Sciences Education as well as School Health Education. Kate spends her days teaching the FOODS courses at a Wake County High School. She likes to say that she wakes up thinking about food, spends her day teaching about food, and then falls asleep dreaming about food. Kate has really gotten to identify with her new community by immersing herself in the Triangle area's food culture. For spending less than a year in the area, she prides herself on having gained a great deal of knowledge about the local food scene. She has taken this hobby of exploring the new surroundings and shares her findings with fellow community members on social media, blogs, etc. Check out what Kate has to say about different restaurants in the Triangle on her Instagram @TriangleFoodVirgin.