Melissa Kahan

Melissa was born and raised in sunny south Florida before attending the University of Florida. A journalism degree and a few years post-grad, Melissa has settled into Raleigh, NC where she indulges her love of craft beer and biscuits. As the Communications Specialist for a nonprofit Health System, she spends most of her weekdays planning events and coordinating marketing tactics. Melissa is a published writer, photographer and videographer for various media outlets, including, but not limited to, print and online magazines, professional blogs, business websites, and newspapers. After writing for a food publication for three years before moving to Raleigh, her current Instagram is an ode to her love of exploring the local food scene and scheming the best puns to accompany each post. The key to indulging in her favorite eats: regular weightlifting sessions at the gym and enjoying some of the local outdoor hiking/walking trails. In addition, Melissa is the founder and local lead over at the RDU chapter of GTB (Girls That Brunch) a meetup with 100s of members, celebrating community one brunch at a time.