So it’s happened again, as of January 19th the federal government officially “shutdown.” But what does this mean for you or your business if you live in the Triangle? In most cases, not much. Let’s dig in…

The main effect is that non-essential government agencies will not be open until the shut down is over.

  • If you run a privately held business, unless you interact with government agencies like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.  For Triangle gun shops this may be a factor for pulling gun permits for people wishing to buy new firearms.
  • You should still get your mail as the US Post Office will continue to deliver, and your business travel should be unaffected as the TSA is considered another “essential” service.
  • Unless you have a company outing to a national park, zoo, or aquarium, your business will likely be unaffected by the most recent government shutdown.
  • According to the Office of Personnel Management, there are over 42K federal employees in NC. While not all employees are furloughed, one possible result of the shutdown could be lighter traffic in the Triangle.

There have been seven government shutdowns before this one since 1980, so this too shall pass. Successful business owners know that while it’s great to be proactive with their businesses, the only thing they can truly control is their own actions.

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Neal Isaacs, MBA, CBI is a Business Broker and the owner of VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, located in Raleigh, NC. He writes about business and helps business owners discover their exit options.