In this day and age, more and more businesses are using video content to promote their services and tell a story about what they can do for their audience. With so many videos out there, your video production needs to be excellent if it’s going to stand out from all the rest.

So, if you are looking to up your marketing game… We have good news — Blueforest Studios, a local Raleigh based video production & marketing company selected some of their favorite examples of how local businesses are successfully elevating their brands through video marketing. Have fun watching!

The University of Chapel Hill’s For All Kind: The Campaign for Carolina

“The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was built on the promise of education for all; committed to leading the change for greater good. We are poised to lead society forward, closer to a world of opportunity and prosperity for all kind.”

This excellent video for UNC Chapel Hill is an award-winning commercial, and we can see why – their message is delivered clearly, both by the voiceover as well as the footage that accompanies it. Most importantly, the tone of this video leaves viewers feeling the emotion of peace. The shot placement is phenomenal, and the inclusion of many different scenes allows this video to appeal to Carolina’s entire audience of viewers.

AICPA’s Beating

If you’re looking to educate your audience about what your service can do for them, this video is a great one to watch for inspiration. Designed to educate small business owners about how CPAs can help, this campaign got creative showing some of the various problems, or in this case, “punches,” that can harm a business owner.

Its literal visualization of a figurative concept, being beat-up by problems – with the CPA as the coach, makes this video stand out and won it a bronze on the commercial award circuit.

Red Hat’s Start something

If animation appeals to you, check out this video, which won a Bronze Addy award in the motion graphics category. This video served as the introduction to the 2017 Red Hat Summit.

By animating the story of Alan Turing’s revolutionary idea of “thinking machines” and the history of computer pioneers, this video successfully appeals to the target audience while also driving home the intended message about the huge impact an individual can make.

SAS’ Move the World

This video for SAS is an excellent example of combining footage with a voiceover to send a powerful message, in this case, turning challenges into successes. The use of time-lapse footage throughout is well done, and the rest of the film shows people whom the audience viewing this commercial can easily relate to.

By showing relatable figures creating technology for the customer, the viewer is likely to feel that they can trust SAS to help them solve problems. In short, this video gets their point across efficiently and effectively to show what they can do for the viewer.

Josefs Pharmacy: Hands, Phones, Names

One way to make sure your video marketing campaign is effective is to use just a few words to drive home a big message. This Josefs Pharmacy video for the Raleigh and Durham based business does just that. We at Blueforest Studios helped them use the phrase: “hands, phones, names” to clearly communicate the benefits of doing business with a local pharmacy.

The easy to remember slogan and emphasis on local community connects this business with their audience, making it a great example of how to use video in commercial advertising.

So what are some of your favorite videos of local companies in the Raleigh & Durham areas? Please be sure to hit us up on Twitter @919BlogNC or visit our Facebook page at and let us know! We would love to hear from ya.

This post was created in collaboration with the editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Luis Suarez for exclusive digital publication via TBN