Tucked away discreetly in the back of the newly built Charter Square Building in Downtown Raleigh’s City Plaza, you’ll find The Haymaker, one of Raleigh’s most unique new cocktail bars which recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Inspired by fighters and 90’s rappers, the decor is as fascinating as that combination. Manager Josh Gagne describes it, as “….if your rich Grandma was out of town and you threw a house party at her house.”

This is a pretty accurate description, right down to the glassware, which has a unique vintage look. Your cocktail may very well be served in an old teacup! Be sure to check out the wallpaper in the bathroom too when you stop by – you WON’T be disappointed.

Gagne says that the goal of The Haymaker was to redefine the modern cocktail bar. While most cocktail bars have a speakeasy vibe, The Haymaker is much more comfy, open, and relaxed.

Unique Cocktail Menu

The Haymaker recently switched up the drink menu, which features a seasonal cocktail list, along with signature cocktails and classic cocktails. One of the most popular signature cocktails is Bad Guys Wear Black, which is an old fashioned-inspired cocktail that has a real punch to it!  Speaking of punch, The Haymaker’s drink menu includes a list of Punch Bowls, which are meant to be shared with 3-5 people. The most popular Punch Bowl is the Royal Treatment, which is made with green tea-infused rum, honey, lime, sparkling wine and Angostura bitters.

” Our bar keeps are shakin’ up some tasty cocktails all day er’y day. We also have local beers on tap, punch bowls, wine, and plenty of bubbles… This place has everything! Punch bowls. Local beers. Even wine! Cocktails galore. Bubbles on tap (it’s this thing where champagne is on draft – seriously).


What’s On Tap?

In addition to original cocktails, The Haymaker offers champagne and cocktails on top! You should definitely try the Gin & Juice, which is made fresh and kept in a Cornelius keg, so the carbonation level can be controlled and maintained. It’s sweet, refreshing, and delicious!

Local Events & Happenings

The Haymaker recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary on June 16th. If you missed the party, no worries – there will be plenty more to come! In fact, every Thursday, The Haymaker hosts R&B Thursdays, which features the best in R&B tunes selected by bar patrons.

Once a month, the bar also hosts Dope Jams with DJ Deluxe, which features throwback jams of different genres. Be sure to follow along on social media for all the updates. And it’s probably a bit too early to plan for this, but you do not want to miss out on The Haymaker’s Miracle Pub experience.

You may have recalled last year when The Haymaker was transformed into a Christmas wonderland, with amazing holiday-themed cocktails. This will be happening again in 2019! Be sure to follow The Haymaker on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of these awesome unique events.

The Haymaker is open Monday-Tuesday from 4pm – midnight, Wednesday-Saturday, 4pm – 2am and is closed on Sundays. Typically, there is no cover to get into the events, but you will need to purchase a membership for $1, which is totally worth it.

Whether you are attending an event, or just chilling at the bar with a delicious cocktail, The Haymaker provides a unique experience for Raleigh residents and visitors alike.

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This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN