Whether finding ways to occupy your kids’ time during the summer or cultivating a team-building opportunity for fellow staff, there is no shortage of activities for every skill level at Xtreme Park Adventures (XPA). From the newly-opened kid’s gem mining zone, 26-obstacle ropes course and a couple escape rooms to the well-established paintball, airsoft and zipline, the place screams fun-filled day and really lets you get your hands a little dirty too. No need to drive far outside of The Triangle area to try out something new or exciting, as this awesome local theme park is located close to Durham, Raleigh and Wake Forest — right off NC-98, just past the Northernmost part of Raleigh.

With any theme park that houses a number of very hands-on attractions, it’s just as important to know what you’re getting into and to plan in advance a little in order to have a good time. Follow our handy guide and these 5 tips for a fun time from start to finish.

1Dress for success

Even if you are just embracing one of the newly-opened indoor escape rooms (the most challenging “Bunker” at 90 minutes and the shortest requiring a jailbreak at 30 minutes are now opened), don’t think that all hands aren’t on deck…and sometimes arms and legs, too. Especially if it is one of the outdoor, tactile activities, such as paintball or airsoft, cover up, be prepared for safety gear, and wear whatever closed-toe shoes will help you run, duck, dip, dive, and dodge fastest.

2Find what suits the entire group

Everyone loves heights and flying through the air with the greatest of ease like Tarzan? Ziplining is for you. Love paintball but have a few cantaloupes in the group that prefer not to bruise? Outdoor laser tag could be the winner. With 50 acres of play space, there is ample room for a number of activities, group sizes, and age ranges.

3Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Know that while the courses are man-made, the elements outside are not. Be mindful before you accidentally step in an ant hill or forget sunscreen. In general, it is helpful to be aware of surroundings at all times whether on the field in-play or awaiting your turn to zip down the line.

4Make sure the price is right

Each activity has a time-limit and price associated. But for those who love a good group discount when they see one, XPA ensures large group outings, typically for 10 people or more, get a little slack on the payment side. Not to mention a military discount is honored, and students have a unique opportunity to receive half off “field fee” for paintball on the last Saturday of each month. Just make sure you make a reservation to lock in that deal at the time you want.

5Look out for special events

To roll off the unique deals side, there are also certain special activities that are seasonal. Namely, the Xtreme Haunt that allows for the complete zombie shooting experience, or the summer camp that gives kids a week of Xtreme shenanigans.

And supervisors can enjoy themselves too

Chaperone to the motley crew who will be running around for 3 hours? Enjoy the pro shop’s free wifi, grab a bite to eat, or just enjoy a beautiful day on the grounds. Soon there will even be a conference room available for use and a wine and beer bar to indulge in an adult beverage.

While the activities are extremely engaging and hands-on, service-oriented businesses are nothing without competent and friendly staff. XPA is no exception, and it completely fits the bill.

A personal experience showcased the staff accommodating even after a reservation mix-up and went above and beyond to ensure the best experience possible, from standing by while we navigated the 90-minute escape room to keeping us in check during ziplining. Rest assured, you are in fun and capable hands among the spectrum of extremely engaging activities XPA has to offer!

About XPA in Durham, NC

Xtreme Park Adventures is a 50-acre field located in the heart of the Triangle area. They have outdoor sports and attractions such as paintball, airsoft, laser tag, educational and recreational zip line courses, haunted house, escape rooms, ropes course, gem mining and more.

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This post was created in collaboration with the North Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Melissa Kahan for exclusive digital publication via TBN