Triangle Blog Network is available for sale… Contact us if interested 


919 Digital Ventures, a local Raleigh based media company, is putting up The Triangle Blog Network (TBN) for sale. Please visit for a list of all domain names and assets immediately available for purchase as of Friday, November 9th, 2018.

TBN network includes dozens of premium hyper-locally focused blog sites for well-established Raleigh – Durham (Triangle metro area) core cities such as:,,,,,, and more. Additionally, numerous up-and-coming important gateway cities such as,,,, and are also available.

The flagship network of some of the most popular neighborhood specific blog sites in the two major anchor cities of the Raleigh – Durham region includes:,,,,,,,, and more.

A “package deal” is preferred for all listed blogs at to a single individual/entity, but serious standalone offers may be reviewed on a case by case basis for each domain name individually as well. Special owner financing is available to qualifying parties, along with 50/50 joint venture opportunities. Most domains are currently priced in the $1,000 to $2,500 range.

In early December, 919 Digital Ventures plans to list another group of a couple of dozen popular North Carolina focused blog names for sale in a similar format. A sampling of those domain names to be included for sale:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more.

Contact information:


919 Digital Ventures, LLC

Our Purpose: We strive to bring all of our readers the best local community news, guides and information.

Our Objectives: The aim of each of our 40+ blogs is to inform readers with news briefs and other accounts of what’s happening in their communities. Our blogs provide originally written stories, updates as well as a blended mix of carefully curated content from other local fellow publishers and partners.

Our Values: We are committed to building a trusted platform to serve our local communities by being a relevant and responsible media outlet integrated into The Triangle community. We truly appreciate, respect, and actively pursue diversity of all opinions, people, and cultures. We pride ourselves on our integrity and high quality of our work online and offline.


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