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Science Cafe: Deadly Stars
The ancient Greeks often viewed stars as stoic enduring markers fixed in a crystalline sphere that we know as the night sky. However, modern science has shown that this is hardly the case. On the contrary, stars are dynamic objects with motion and a life cycle of birth, existence and eventual death. This entertaining presentation will explore 10 ways that stars — over their life cycles — can cause extinction, injury and harm on Earth.
Science Cafe: Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink
National Audubon Society scientists crunched the latest data on climate change and the state of birds, and the results paint a picture that is both troubling and hopeful. The report — released in October, 2019 — shows that two-thirds of North American bird species are at risk of extinction because of rapid changes to our climate. The good news is that Audubon’s science also shows that if we take action now we can help improve the chances for the vast majority of species at risk. Join us to learn what Audubon’s latest research tells us about the future of North Carolina’s most beloved birds, from songbirds to shorebirds, and how our fate is linked to birds when it comes to climate change.
Science Cafe: Country Comes to the City: Bears and Coyotes in the Triangle
Black bears are a wildlife success story, having been restored in much of their historic range. However, this has resulted in an increase of observations in all 100 counties of North Carolina, including the Triad and Triangle area. Along with these sightings come questions about how a large mammal can coexist so closely to people. Another large mammal, the coyote, is considered the most adaptable mammal in North America and has lived in North Carolina since the early 1980s. Their flexibility allows them to live in a wide variety of habitats, including golf courses, cemeteries, towns and neighborhoods. As with bears, there are questions about if and how people and coyotes can safely coexist. Join us to learn about the myths and facts of our state’s black bear and coyote populations, as well as how you and your community can safely coexist with our newest wild neighbors.
Raleigh Roasts 2020!

Get your caffeine on: City of Raleigh Museum’s popular ‘Raleigh Roasts’ event returns Saturday, Jan. 18 More than 800 people attended last year’s coffee tasting event – buy your tickets now! What: The City of Raleigh Museum will host its 3rd annual Raleigh Roasts event in celebration of Raleigh's café culture on Saturday, Jan. 18. Visitors can purchase wristbands allowing them to sample freely from onsite local coffee and pastry businesses while browsing museum exhibits...

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A Delicious Country

Explorer John Lawson trekked through the Carolina colony in 1701, recording all he saw. Three centuries later, Raleigh journalist, Scott Huler, followed his trail documenting what had changed and what remained the same. Their journeys are featured in a new exhibit, A Delicious Country, at the COR Museum on display through March 22, 2020.

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"Gardening with Grains"
Presented by Brie Arthur, Author, Horticulturist, Foodscape Consultant
Featuring details from both of her books, author and foodscape revolutionary, Brie Arthur shares inspiration to make every landscape beautiful and bountiful. Learn how to cultivate grains and veggies alongside your favorite ornamental plants by employing foodscaping techniques. Discover easy to apply management strategies for long term success while learning how to naturally improve soil and reduce the need for fertilizer and irrigation. From ancient practices to modern needs (like deterring browsing mammals!) this program will motivate attendees to plant like never before!
"Bright Spots for the Darkest Time of the Year"
Led by Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager
The darkest time of the year is upon us. Fall's first freeze and the bright colors of the growing season are now in the past. Despite this, bright spots abound in the early winter garden. Join Doug as he discusses some of his favorite plants that are at their best during the short days of December.
"The Wildflowers of Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier"
Presented by Tim Alderton, Research Technician, JC Raulston Arboretum
In August 2018, Tim Alderton, Cyndy Cromwell, Nancy Doubrava, and Chris Glenn, traveled to Washington for some botanizing and horticultural sightseeing. With over a week spent visiting amazing places including the The Spheres (Amazon) and Heronswood Botanical Garden, Tim has narrowed his discussion to the wildflowers of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. The trip was scheduled to coincide with the peak wildflower season in these high elevations. Enjoy the sights, wildflowers, and animals in this whirlwind discussion of some of Tim's favorites.
Art in Bloom 2020 at the North Carolina Museum of Art
Save the date for Art in Bloom 2020, presented by PNC! Join us March 19–22, 2020, for our four-day festival of flowers fundraiser. Proceeds from Art in Bloom support Museum programming and exhibitions.
Tickets for members go on sale Thursday, February 6, at 10 am, and for nonmembers on Tuesday, February 18, at 10 am. Before tickets go on sale, reservation requests for Iris restaurant begin Tuesday, February 4, at 10 am.
More info at
Science Cafe: Say Cheese!
What makes feta cheese taste sour and brie so soft and creamy? What type of bacterium makes Parmesan or Cheddar? What types impart a pineapple or nutty flavor? Which types have been studied as a probiotic? In this talk we will explore the bacteria and fungi that give each type of cheese a unique texture or flavor, and explore possible benefits to gut health. You will also have a chance to taste cheese samples donated by Cabot Creamery — are you able to identify a cheese type by its flavor?
From the Artist: Ledelle Moe
Ledelle talks about sculpting her concrete piece, "Congregation", along with the layers of it's background and some inspirational practical concepts for aspiring artists.
Ledelle Moe, "Congregation", South African, 2003–2008, Concrete, recycled motor oil, and steel bar, 277 separate elements;
dimensions variable, purchased with funds from the North Carolina Museum of Art Docents
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations
Curators at the NCMA are invigorating the galleries through a series of artwork conversations we’re calling Interchanges. Recognizing the often-strict borders between art historical genres and time periods, we are breaking these boundaries and moving artworks around to challenge and interrupt preconceptions. Works chosen for “Interchanges,” marked by gray labels, offer opportunities to rethink current issues and debates.
Themes to be explored include gender and racial identity, the tendency to favor Western countries in art history, geographical barriers, the traditional versus the contemporary, and the abstract versus the figurative. Interchanges faces challenging histories head on, highlights the global connections in art and their relevance to contemporary life, and celebrates the legacy of art throughout time.
Visit the galleries then join the conversation on social media and debate the questions raised: tag @ncartmuseum and use #NCMAinterchanges.
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations - Sunday, December 8 | 2 PM
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations - Sunday, February 9 | 2 PM
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations - Sunday, March 8 | 2 PM
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations - Sunday, May 10 | 2 PM
Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations - Sunday, June 14 | 2 PM
Old News Ep. 7
Are you curious about what’s new in the paleontology world? Join the Museum’s Research Curator of Paleontology, Dr. Christian Kammerer, as he shares exciting discoveries about dinosaurs, ancient mammals, and other prehistoric organisms.
To learn more about Christian Kammerer, visit our website (
Science Cafe: Cognitive Aging
Normal, healthy cognitive aging impacts everyone and has been found to include: occasional memory lapses while maintaining the ability to engage in typical life activities, ability to recall and recognize instances of forgetfulness, occasional word-finding difficulties, and retained decision-making ability. But there is good news, research has demonstrated that likely 50 percent of cognitive aging is attributable to lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. Join us as we discuss the differences between normal cognitive aging and dementia, while also outlining important lifestyle choices that can bolster cognitive functioning and reduce the risk of dementia.
American Indian Heritage Celebration-LIVE!
Recorded at the North Carolina Museum of History's 2019 American Indian Heritage Education Day, this video shares music and dances performed by North Carolina American Indian groups. This LIVE! event was not hosted, but focused on providing access to the celebration taking place in the museum’s Daniels Auditorium.
"Gardening Adventures in Great Britain and Ireland"
Presented by David White, Piedmont Chapter Member
Join us and David White as he discusses his enlightening journey through Great Britain and Ireland with his wife Carolyn White!
Over the course of 25 days, David and Carolyn went on a journey discovering the beautiful variety of gardens in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. In this lecture, David will discuss and showcase photography of some of the locations they visited together, ranging from private and public gardens to other natural areas.
David will also be displaying pictures taken by Amelia Lane during the NARGS-sponsored tour of public and private rock gardens in Scotland.
"There's a space for everybody"
Laura, Jenna and Elikya talk about what they learned and the friendships they built during "Antigone," RLT's Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage Production in summer 2019. Donate at

                        Get Your Tickets Now!

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Piedmont Laureate: Going Down to Raleigh, Bluegrass History of Eastern NC
Bluegrass has an image and reputation as “mountain music,” but just as much of the history can be found in the lowlands of the east end of North Carolina. This discussion, with musical accompaniment, features North Carolina arts council executive director Wayne Martin, who produced the 2009 project “Going Down to Raleigh: Stringband Music in the North Carolina Piedmont 1976-1998”; Justin Robinson, co-founder of the Grammy-winning stringband Carolina Chocolate Drops; Tommy Goldsmith, author of the forthcoming book “Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown: The Making of an American Classic”; and music historian Marshall Wyatt, who runs the Grammy-nominated Raleigh-based label Old Hat Records. Also featuring live music by Violet Bell, Evelyn Shaw and Gerry Overton.
Presented by the Piedmont Laureate Program, PineCone|The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, and the North Carolina Museum of History
Thank You For Coming To Rooted In Raleigh!

Thanks to everyone who attended our event this year! We hope you had as much fun as we did. Through your generous support, and the support of our sponsors, we raised approximately $9,000! This funding will help support new exhibits as well as our educational programs. We look forward to seeing you again soon at City Of Raleigh Museum!      

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