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Flowering Lawns
Flowering lawns are a great way to support pollinators and reduce the time and inputs involved with mowing and caring for a traditional lawn.
Support the NC Museum of History
When you support the museum, you are helping to bring programs like our annual festivals to the community. The North Carolina Museum of History depends of donations to fund our award-winning exhibitions and our exceptional community and education outreach programs.
Tar Heel Junior Historian Association Discovery Gallery Tour - History in Every Direction
Are you a junior historian? Do you want to learn more about history? Join Jessica and Chelsea as they take you on a brief tour of the Tar Heel Junior Historian Association Discovery Gallery, History in Every Direction exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History.
Maybe you can even start your own club! Remember, history is all around us!
Museum Mindfulness: Grounding and Focus Guided Meditation with "Gyre"
Here are some short and simple, but effective, mindfulness practices inspired by Gyre to help create a sense of stability, focus, and connection with nature.—Bryanne Senor, manager of Park programs, North Carolina Museum of Art
Museum Mindfulness: Observation and Reflection Guided Meditation with "Gyre"
Here are some short and simple, but effective, mindfulness practices inspired by Gyre to help create a sense of stability, focus, and connection with nature.—Bryanne Senor, manager of Park programs, North Carolina Museum of Art
Thomas Sayre discusses his process for "Gyre"
Thomas Sayre’s "Gyre" sculpture is an example of his earth castings, which are 3-D pieces created by sculpting directly into the earth. Watch the video to hear Sayre discuss his earth-casting process.
"Sex in the Garden: Hidden Secrets!"
Presented by Brian Jackson, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Science, NC State University
Brian will take us on a tour of some of the mysteries and oddities found in the sex life of some of our common and favorite plants. From attracting mates to "showing off their goods" plants are experts at flaunting their stuff to assure perpetuation of their species. An open mind, sense of humor, and ability to connect-the-dots from off-beat inferences is a must for this talk.
Bonus Items
Now Showing - Discover what's in flower at the Arboretum, plus other fantastic plant features that are not to be missed.
Showtimes - Your ticket to what's in flower at the JC Raulston Arboretum where there's always something in flower.
Almanac Gardener Featuring J. C. Raulston - Eastern Redbud Foliage Colors
J. C. Raulston, Ph.D., discusses some foliage color of eastern redbud and other redbud options. He'd be amazed with the new cultivars available today.
JCRA Cercis Plantings
North Carolina Museum of History - 1920s Drugstore Exhibit Tour
Join John Campbell, Collections Manager at the North Carolina Museum of History, as he guides you on a brief tour of the 1920s drugstore exhibit.
So much has changed since the 1920s, yet so much has stayed the same.
An Update from Patrick: COVID-19
Raleigh Little Theatre is already feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get an update from Artistic Director Patrick Torres on the state of things at RLT and how you can help, both now and in the future when we re-open our doors. This is YOUR theatre, and we can't wait to tell stories with you again soon.
Donate to RLT:
Sign up to volunteer:
Become a member of our 2020/21 season:
For updated information on how COVID-19 is affecting RLT, visit
"Rednecks to Rocket Scientists—Botanizing in Alabama"
Presented by Tony Avent, Plant Delights Nursery and Juniper Level Botanic Garden
Join Tony Avent on a whirlwind trip as he presents a travelogue of interesting places, people, and, most of all, great plants from Tony's travels in 2011 to Alabama.
"Gardening with a Bunch of Pricks—Hardy Cactus for North Carolina Gardens"
Presented by Tony Avent, Plant Delights Nursery and Juniper Level Botanic Garden
There are cacti native to North Carolina. In fact, cacti are native to most states with only Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire not having any native cacti. Despite this, they're not commonly found in most gardens. Years ago, Tony decided to collect and trial as many he could find that he thought would be hardy in our area. Before long, he had a garden rivaling those found in the American Southwest. Join Tony as he discusses some of his favorite hardy cacti and how to grow them.
Daily Planet News: Pet Cats and Wild Cats
Hear about new research published this week by Museum scientists on the ecological impact of cats. This work draws on a global citizen science project that tracked 925 cats across six countries.
Behind-the-Scenes: The Creation of our exhibit, "You Have to Start a Thing!"
#YouHaveToStartAThing #WomensSuffrage #NCMuseumOfHistory
Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video, showcasing the construction and design of our new exhibit, "You Have to Start a Thing!"
The exhibit, which explores North Carolina's role in the Suffrage Movement, opens Friday, March 6.
Science Cafe: Trees in the City of Oaks
If you’ve ever wondered how marine and estuarine animals reproduce, then this is your lucky night! Discover how, when and where common marine creatures spawn while learning some new words for your vocabulary. After a brief talk about reproductive strategies observed in the ocean and marsh, learn more by playing “Who’s Your Daddy,” matching pictures of adults with larval stages. Bring your curiosity and be ready to enjoy yourselves while learning the language of love for these species.
Video Story Drama Together
An RLT teaching artist leads children ages 2-4 and their caregivers through activities tied to the story "The Little Red Hen" in our Story Drama Together class.
The Value of the African American Cultural Celebration
The 19th annual African American Cultural Celebration took place at the North Carolina Museum of History on January 25, 2020. Over 230 artists and presenters and 6,240 people came together to celebrate African American history through music, arts, crafts, and food. Several of the artists in attendance discussed the importance of knowing and celebrating African American history and the value of sharing their work with the community on such a special day.
King Saul is Installed in the Portrait Gallery
William Wetmore Story's masterpiece "Saul under the Influence of the Evil Spirit" is installed in the North Carolina Museum of Art's Portrait Gallery in West Building.
Raleigh Roasts 2020!

Get your caffeine on: City of Raleigh Museum’s popular ‘Raleigh Roasts’ event returns Saturday, Jan. 18 More than 800 people attended last year’s coffee tasting event – buy your tickets now! What: The City of Raleigh Museum will host its 3rd annual Raleigh Roasts event in celebration of Raleigh's café culture on Saturday, Jan. 18. Visitors can purchase wristbands allowing them to sample freely from onsite local coffee and pastry businesses while browsing museum exhibits...

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"There's a space for everybody"
Laura, Jenna and Elikya talk about what they learned and the friendships they built during "Antigone," RLT's Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage Production in summer 2019. Donate at

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