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Science Cafe: Black Holes
An international team of astronomers with the Event Horizon Telescope recently released the first ever image of a black hole. Katie Mack, cosmologist at NC State University, joins us to talk about this latest astronomical achievement, the science of black holes, and how understanding black holes yields clues to the eventual end of the Universe.
Intern at the NC Museum of History
Looking to gain experience in the museum field? The North Carolina Museum of History is a great place to do just that! We offer internships during the fall, spring and summer sessions in a variety of departments.
What in the World Is a Grain Mummy?
While researching our ancient Egyptian collection, NCMA Egyptologist Caroline Rocheleau discovered that an object once thought to be a falcon mummy is, in fact, a grain mummy. It was at one time believed to be a fake. The exhibition What in the World Is a Grain Mummy?, on view in West Building, presents this humble bundle for the first time. Rocheleau talked with Circa about her discovery.
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"Every Tree Has a Story"
Presented by Tim and Matt Nichols,
Learning the origin, history, uses, culture, etc., of a plant is one of the first things we do when we come upon a new plant. The plant kingdom is full of amazing diversity and every plant has a story to tell. Join Tim and Matt as they share stories of some of their favorite Japanese maples and other ornamental trees.
Thank You For Coming To Rooted In Raleigh!

Thanks to everyone who attended our event this year! We hope you had as much fun as we did. Through your generous support, and the support of our sponsors, we raised approximately $9,000! This funding will help support new exhibits as well as our educational programs. We look forward to seeing you again soon at City Of Raleigh Museum!      

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Robbie Phillips for Diva 2019!
Robbie Phillips is a candidate for RLT's Divas competition in 2019. Learn more about the show & get tickets here ( and support Robbie's Divas campaign here (

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