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NCMNS: Your Connection to Science
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American Indian Heritage Celebration-LIVE!
Recorded at the North Carolina Museum of History's 2019 American Indian Heritage Education Day, this video shares music and dances performed by North Carolina American Indian groups. This LIVE! event was not hosted, but focused on providing access to the celebration taking place in the museum’s Daniels Auditorium.
Science Cafe: A Primate with a Panda’s Thumb?!
Aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) are among the weirdest mammals in the world, and they are definitely the weirdest primate! They are not only the largest nocturnal primates in the world, they are the only primates with ever-growing incisors, a bizarre thin middle finger equipped with a ball-and-socket joint, and huge ears capable of echolocation. And although this amazing animal has fascinated scientists for over a century, no one had noticed that it has another feature that is unique among primates: a “pseudo thumb”. Join us to learn about a new publication describing the complex anatomy of the aye aye’s remarkable “accessory digit” that even has its own fingerprints! Although pseudothumbs have never been found in primates until now, find out why they have long been of interest to evolutionary biologists and are iconic anatomical examples used to understand evolutionary biology.
"Gardening Adventures in Great Britain and Ireland"
Presented by David White, Piedmont Chapter Member
Join us and David White as he discusses his enlightening journey through Great Britain and Ireland with his wife Carolyn White!
Over the course of 25 days, David and Carolyn went on a journey discovering the beautiful variety of gardens in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. In this lecture, David will discuss and showcase photography of some of the locations they visited together, ranging from private and public gardens to other natural areas.
David will also be displaying pictures taken by Amelia Lane during the NARGS-sponsored tour of public and private rock gardens in Scotland.
Science Cafe: The Science of Monster Myths
Unknown phenomena have inspired some of our oldest myths and legends (think of Zeus’s lightning). Join us to trace the sinister history of three modern Halloween monsters with a modern scientific eye to discover the origins of witches, vampires and zombies. Each story has a real life connection to a food that can be part of a Halloween dinner!
Artist Interview: Cecilia Lueza
The Durham Convention Center just got a little more colorful. The North Carolina Museum of Art installed two murals on its East Chapel Hill Street side in celebration of special exhibition "Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection," opening October 26. Artists Cecilia Lueza and Cornelio Campos, inspired by Kahlo and Rivera, installed the monumental murals on the Durham Convention Center in partnership with the City of Durham’s Cultural and Public Art Program and Spectra Venue Management. The artists completed the murals with help from Triangle students from the NCMA Teen Arts Council, El Pueblo, El Centro Hispano, and the Nasher Teen Council.
Old News Ep. 6
Are you curious about what’s new in the paleontology world? Join the Museum’s Research Curator of Paleontology, Dr. Christian Kammerer, as he shares exciting discoveries about dinosaurs, ancient mammals, and other prehistoric organisms.
To learn more about Christian Kammerer, visit our website (
Artist Talk: Scott Avett with curator Linda Dougherty
Internationally recognized as co-founder of the band The Avett Brothers, Scott Avett has been a working artist, focusing on painting and printmaking, since he earned a BFA in studio art from East Carolina University in 2000. But until now this art-making part of his life has been a secret and a more solitary creative pursuit in comparison to his life as a musician, singer, and songwriter. Like his songs, Avett’s paintings speak to universal issues of spirituality and struggle, love and loss, heartache and joy, as well as more personal stories of career, family, and living in the South. The exhibition includes large-scale oil paintings, prints and paintings related to Avett’s musical career.
"Scott Avett: Invisible." On view at the North Carolina Museum of Art October 12, 2019 – February 2, 2020.
More information at
Science Cafe: Vultures!
Vultures are one of our most underappreciated raptor groups. Often maligned, these strange and fascinating birds are essential to a healthy ecosystem. Learn all about our two NC species, the black vulture and turkey vulture, including how to identify them, how they interact with each other, and more. With a method of self-defense that would make anyone squeamish, and an equally revolting system of staying cool on hot days, the vulture is the perfect bird to discuss in preparation for Halloween.
"There's a space for everybody"
Laura, Jenna and Elikya talk about what they learned and the friendships they built during "Antigone," RLT's Teens on Stage / Teens Backstage Production in summer 2019. Donate at
"It's kept our family close together..."
Three generations of Susan Holbrook's family attend this production each and every year. Is it almost time for "Cinderella"? Donate at
Peter Marin Ofrenda
Starting October 26 the NCMA presents Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection. The exhibition displays the paintings of two artists who became icons of the 20th century. To understand how Kahlo embodies this role, and the impact she has on the artistic community, we sat down with Peter Marin, an artist from Mexico City who created the Día de los Muertos ofrenda to Frida Kahlo as part of the exhibition.
Read the full post at
Science Cafe: Poisonous Plants: Live and Let Die
All plants are poisonous — and no plants are poisonous — it’s simply dose-dependent! There are plants which, when ingested, can block the nervous system for treatment of many ailments, but too much induces coma and possible death. Phytochemicals are chemical compounds, produced by plants, that have evolved to kill or debilitate what or who might eat them. This co-evolutionary arms race between plants and animals dates back millions of years and has no end in sight. Join us to hear how humans have learned to utilize plant poisons for good, bad and ugly purposes!
"The Year Begins Anew"
Led by Douglas Ruhren, Gardens Manager
The new year begins in three months, but horticulturally, a new season of gardening has just begun. The cooler weather of fall brings new wonders in the garden. Doug will discuss some of his favorite plants that are their best in the fall in this tour.
"Breeding Better Perennials from a Gardener’s Perspective"
Presented by Hans Hansen, Director, New Plant Development, Walters Gardens
Hans Hansen is the director of new plant development at Walters Gardens, in Zealand, Michigan, a leading wholesale grower of perennials in North America. He has worked extensively with many North American native plants, including Baptisia, Hibiscus, Phlox, Monarda, and Heuchera. He also has worked with Hosta, Kniphofia, Achillea, and ×Mangave (a hybrid between Agave and Manfreda). Hans will be speaking on the topic of breeding outstanding perennials, combining traditional plant breeding methods and germplasm, from the gardener 's viewpoint, to achieve new plants. This is a wonderful opportunity to get some behind the scenes insight on how exciting new plants are being developed.
"Saving the Spirit of the Forest in Central Africa and Beyond"
Presented by Richard Carroll, Ph.D., Wake County Extension Master Gardener

  Details coming soon!

The post appeared first on COR Museum.

Piedmont Laureate: Going Down to Raleigh, Bluegrass History of Eastern NC
Bluegrass has an image and reputation as “mountain music,” but just as much of the history can be found in the lowlands of the east end of North Carolina. This discussion, with musical accompaniment, features North Carolina arts council executive director Wayne Martin, who produced the 2009 project “Going Down to Raleigh: Stringband Music in the North Carolina Piedmont 1976-1998”; Justin Robinson, co-founder of the Grammy-winning stringband Carolina Chocolate Drops; Tommy Goldsmith, author of the forthcoming book “Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown: The Making of an American Classic”; and music historian Marshall Wyatt, who runs the Grammy-nominated Raleigh-based label Old Hat Records. Also featuring live music by Violet Bell, Evelyn Shaw and Gerry Overton.
Presented by the Piedmont Laureate Program, PineCone|The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, and the North Carolina Museum of History
Intern at the NC Museum of History
Looking to gain experience in the museum field? The North Carolina Museum of History is a great place to do just that! We offer internships during the fall, spring and summer sessions in a variety of departments.
Jeff Elliott looking to grow the NC Sports Hall of Fame
Jeff Elliott, the new executive director of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, is looking to continue the success of the hall and grow it even further to celebrate the sports careers of athletes with ties to the state.
PineCone and the NC Museum of History present, "Music of the Carolinas"
Since 1998, PineCone and the North Carolina Museum of History have partnered to present the Music of the Carolinas series.
This is a series of nine FREE concerts (October through June, second Sunday of each month) featuring some of the state's finest folk musicians and tradition bearers.

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