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Brace for the cold: Temperatures plunge below freezing this week
Stretch of freezing weather arrives soonAfter a damp Saturday night, the Triangle area will get one more pleasantly cool day before temperatures plunge.
Police investigating after man shot twice in Raleigh
A man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot in Raleigh on Saturday night.
Local NAACP: Both police, suspect should have handled arrest differently
Raleigh-Apex NAACP address video showing use of forceThe Raleigh-Apex chapter of the NAACP spoke out Saturday about Raleigh police officers' use of force when arresting a driver.
Prince Harry, Meghan to give up 'royal highness' titles, repay home renovation money in agreement with royal family
Harry and Meghan are giving up their "royal highness" titles and will repay about $3.1M of taxpayers money used for home renovations.
Records reveal concerns of deceased GOP redistricting expert
Redrawing_America_Data_Race_88627Republican victories in state legislative and gubernatorial elections in 2010 put them in a commanding position the next year to draw new voting districts for the U.S. House and state legislatures that helped fortify Republican power for much of the following decade.
Heartbreaking homecoming: Fallen 82nd Airborne paratrooper returns to Fort Bragg
Carrying the casket for Staff Sgt. Ian Paul McLaughlin Family and soldiers gathered for the dignified transfer and funeral procession motorcade for Staff Sgt. Ian Paul McLaughlin Saturday morning at Fort Bragg.
Fallen Fort Bragg soldier is welcomed home by family, fellow troops FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WNCN) — Saturday the body of a Fort Bragg soldier killed in Afghanistan last week was brought home. The body of Army Staff Sgt. Ian McLaughlin came off the plane at Fort Bragg in a “dignified transfer of remains” ceremony.  The fallen soldier was welcomed by family, fellow soldiers, and veterans. Among the […]
Cary’s Heritage: Then Tobacco Farms and Warehouses, Now Bradford Plaza Cary’s Heritage: Then Tobacco Farms and Warehouses, Now Bradford Plaza

Cary, NC — Adapted from Just a Horse-Stopping Place, an Oral History of Cary, North Carolina by Peggy Von Scoyoc, published in August, 2006. This story is about tobacco farming in Cary, particularly at the corner of Davis and High House that includes The Bradford.

Maggie Belle Sears

Maggie Belle Stone Sears was born in Cary. Her father bought a farm at the southeast corner of High House Road and Davis Drive across the street from her grandfather’s farm where the Bradford Plaza shopping center is today.

Continue reading Cary’s Heritage: Then Tobacco Farms and Warehouses, Now Bradford Plaza at CaryCitizen.

World's largest Snicker's bar checks in at more than 4,700 pounds
The bar is a tease to the Snickers commercial that will be played during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. https://abc11.tv/373Rx6l

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