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Cloudy, blustery day in the Triangle; clearing begins Sunday
Rain, wind make for another dreary day; clearing coming SundaySaturday has been a cold and blustery day. The skies will begin to clear and it'll warm up starting Sunday.
Cold rain to continue through Friday night, into Saturday
Rain, cold temps to stick around FridayRain will continue to fall Friday afternoon and into the night in the Triangle, keeping roads slick for drivers.
High tides surge through Venice, locals rush to protect art
Italy_Venice_Flooding_06100Exceptionally high tidal waters rolled relentlessly through Venice again on Friday, forcing the closure of St. Mark’s Square to the public and flooding most of the lagoon city’s already devastated center before easing.
Man killed by falling tree as heavy snows dump on France A dump of heavy snow in southern France has brought down power lines and trees, killing one person, and caused widespread traffic disruption.
Toll rises in Australian wildfires with more danger ahead
Australia_Wildfires_55593The death toll for wildfires raging across Australia’s most populous state has risen to four as authorities warned Thursday of worsening weather conditions to come.
Somalia struggles after worst flooding in recent history
Somalia_Floods_55663Ahmed Sabrie woke up to find his house half-submerged in fast-rising flood waters.

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