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Thousands of Hornets fans from around the state visit 919 Blog daily for the best NBA coverage. Our website has quickly become the definitive online community sports hub for The Triangle area and the #1 local fan favorite resource to get up-to-date professional basketball information about NBA’s Hornets including the best pictures, videos, and exclusive headlines. We also feature breaking team news, latest game scores, highlights and more. The Hornets posts below are updated hourly.

Perley’s Press Pass: Hornets Embarking for Paris, Ready to Compete on Global Stage
Nearly 10 months removed from the original official announcement, the Charlotte Hornets are finally on their way to play the Milwaukee Bu
International Hornets Fan Series: Say Bonjour to Baptiste, Thibault and Laurent from Hornets France
For the last four years, Baptiste Couturiaux and Thibault Leroy have been two of the three managers running the Hornets France (@HornetsF

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