What’s the best way to cure a hangover after an awesome night in Downtown Raleigh? A big breakfast! Or, brunch, if you got up a little later on Sunday. We totally get it! Whether you are looking for a classic “eggs and bacon” breakfast, or something more eclectic, Downtown Raleigh has it.

Here are a few of our favorite breakfast and brunch spots that you are going to absolutely love:

Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant

Big Ed’s opened in City Market in 1989 and is a Raleigh institution. Enjoy a classic country breakfast with fresh farm eggs, country ham, bacon or sausage. The place is pretty big but still attracts a big crowd on Saturdays and Sundays. There might be a line, but it goes quickly, and I promise it will be worth it! Big Ed’s is also open for lunch.

The Daily Planet Cafe

The Daily Planet Cafe is located conveniently close to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the North Carolina History Museum and the state capital, so it’s a great place to start a day of sightseeing. Grab a cup of a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, so you have plenty of energy! The Daily Planet Cafe is also open for lunch.

Poole’s Diner

For a short period of time (that seemed really long to us locals) Poole’s Diner discontinued its beloved brunch. Thankfully, it returned this spring! On Saturdays and Sundays, enjoy a hot cup of Counter Culture coffee and Ashley Christensen’s famous Hangover Grits Bowl. There might be a line when you arrive, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Capital Club 16

Another beloved brunch spot is Capital Club 16. On Sundays, enjoy a basic breakfast of eggs, homefries, and toast. Looking for something more adventurous? Try the Bavarian Brunch Platter!

Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

On Saturdays and Sundays, Beasley’s Chicken + Honey offers an impressive brunch menu. Whether you are craving a chicken biscuit or something on the sweet side, like cinnamon churros, you are sure to find something delicious.


Garland is the new kid on the brunch block! This summer, it started serving brunch on Saturday mornings. Its unique brunch menu includes a kimchi pancake and migas tacos. Be sure to wash it all down with the Most Important Drink of the Day!

These are all fantastic options for brunch, but if you are looking for something on the go, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention North Carolina’s finest chain, Bojangles! There are locations all throughout Raleigh, and its biscuits are some of the best.

So what are some of your favorite breakfast/brunch restaurants in Downtown Raleigh? Please be sure to hit us up on Twitter @919BlogNC or visit our Facebook page at FB.com/919Blog and let us know! We would love to hear from ya.

This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN