Every city has those secret, foodie gems tucked in the corner of old or hard-to-find shopping centers. Raleigh is home to many of these restaurants that may not look like much on the outside, but are true foodie havens.

Maybe you are looking for the best Korean fried chicken that you have ever tasted? The best New York Style Pizza in North Carolina? This list of “hole in the wall” restaurants includes these and many other great foodie joints.

These six restaurants below are well-known by locals but may be easily overlooked by visitors…

Soo Cafe

Soo Cafe is tucked into an unassuming shopping center at the corner of Brentwood Avenue and Capital Boulevard. Inside, you will find the best “KFC” (Korean fried chicken) you have ever eaten! You can order the chicken plain, but to get the full experience, order it coated in the Old Fashioned or Soga (soy garlic) sauces. Soo Cafe’s chicken was featured on Southern Living’s “The South’s Best Fried Chicken” list.

Pho & Crawfish 79

Pho & Crawfish 79 is also located off of Capital Boulevard. As the name indicates, it serves pho and other delicious Vietnamese cuisines along with Louisiana-style crawfish. It’s an odd combination for sure! When News & Observer food columnist Greg Cox inquired about it, owner Sa Le has a very simple explanation: “I like it.” So do we!

Anvil’s Cheesesteaks

Craving a real Philly cheesesteak? Anvil’s Cheesesteaks is a family-owned and operated sandwich shop located in the Swift Creek Shopping Center. Get your cheesesteak “wit’ or wit’out” fried onions!

Mum’s Jamaican Restaurant

Mum’s Jamaican Restaurant is located in North Raleigh. The owner is originally from Jamaica and learned to cook from his grandmother, Mum. Popular menu items include jerk chicken, goat curry, and baked mac and cheese!

Peking Garden

Peking Garden opened in 1990 as one of Raleigh’s first Chinese buffets, but after watching the trend grow, owner Cody Tseng decided to go back to his roots and serve traditional Chinese dishes. Consistently excellent service and delicious food make Peking Garden a Raleigh staple!

Frank’s Pizza

Frank’s Pizza is a Raleigh favorite, especially amongst New York transplants! It’s located in the Longview Gardens Shopping Center off of New Bern Avenue, and it’s home to one of the best cheese slices in all of Raleigh!

Mike’s Pizza

Another relatively “hole in the wall” pizza joint that bears mentioning is Mike’s Pizza. It’s also located in a shopping center off of New Bern Avenue, and there’s a second location in Knightdale.

A’Nets Katch

Speaking of Knightdale, if you go just a few miles east of Raleigh, you’ll find A’Nets Katch, a small seafood shop with the freshest seafood in the area. Definitely worth the trip!

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This post was created in collaboration with 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication on 919Blog.com