Here in Downtown Raleigh, we love our sports! College basketball is our favorite, but we also love football, soccer, rugby and, most of all, our Carolina Hurricanes hockey! Of course, there’s nothing like being there in person, and we are within driving distance of many college stadiums and the PNC Arena, but sometimes you just want to watch the game at a bar with all of your friends.

Here are 5 of our favorite Downtown Raleigh sports bars:

Woody’s City Market

Woody’s City Market is a local favorite when it comes to watching sports. This bar has everything you could want in a sports bar: beer, liquor, bar food and plenty of TVs! There’s plenty of seating, most of which is in full view of at least one TV. Check it out next time you and your friends want to catch a game somewhere!

London Bridge Pub

Are you a soccer fan? You will want to keep an eye on The London Bridge Pub’s calendar! This is THE spot to catch all of the soccer games. Please keep in mind that this pub is 21+ and is considered a club under NC law. You may be required to purchase a membership when you visit for the first time.

Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Play your favorite video games while you watch your favorite sports teams battle it out on TV! Boxcar Bar + Arcade has all of the beer, liquor, TVs and games you need for a fun night out with your friends.

Players’ Retreat

Players Retreat, aka The PR, is one of Raleigh’s oldest bars. It’s been in existence since 1951 and is a favorite for NC State fans to gather and watch their team battle it out on the court and the football field. The PR has a large selection of bar food and is also known for its extensive scotch collection.

Flying Saucer

With hundreds of beers on tap, awesome bar food and plenty of TVs, The Flying Saucer is another great spot to catch the game. Become a Beerknurd and start drinking your way to earning a plate on the wall while you watch the game with your friends!

If you are hanging out in Downtown Raleigh, but still want to watch the Carolina Hurricanes play in person, you can always take the Pepsi Caniac Coach. The Pepsi Caniac Coach is a FREE shuttle service with multiple downtown stops. You can even bring a few beers on the bus to pregame before you get to THE game. Afterwards, the coach will take you right back to Downtown Raleigh so you can continue celebrating another win!

So what are some of your favorite sports bars in Downtown Raleigh? Please be sure to hit us up on Twitter @919BlogNC or visit our Facebook page at and let us know! We would love to hear from ya.

This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN