Marbles Kids Museum is an interactive children’s museum located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh. The museum features over 12 different interactive exhibits that are designed to be fun and educational at the same time. It is one of the most popular destinations for families with children in the state of North Carolina and has received national acclaim for its education through play programs and exhibits.

Marbles Kids Museum delivers purposeful play in a big way. Children imagine, discover and learn in dozens of interactive exhibits, daily educational programs, field trips, birthday parties, and special events. From driving a real city bus, to walking the plank on a pirate ship, to making a birdhouse using real tools; kids connect, communicate, create and learn through extraordinary adventures in play at Marbles Kids Museum.

The museum first opened its doors to visitors in 2007. In addition to its interactive and playful exhibits, Marbles Kids Museum is home to a giant 3D IMAX theater which plays educational films aimed at children. There is also a museum café, a museum shop, and courtyard where families can relax and picnic outdoors when the weather is nice.

Location and Admissions to The Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles Kids Museum is located at 201 East Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh. It is located right across from Moore Square, which is a popular historic park in the downtown area neighboring City Market. Kids must be accompanied by an adult guardian when they visit the museum. Groups must be accompanied by a chaperone that is at least 16 years of age.

There is an admission fee to the Marbles Kids Museum. The price is $7 per child and $7 per adult guardian. Kids who are under a year old get free admission. Imax movies cost $5 for a documentary and $9 for a feature film. Adults pay $11 for all IMAX feature films at the museum. Members get free admission and discounted pricing for movies.

The Exhibits

There are two musical exhibits at the Marbles Kids Museum. One of these is called Step Notes, which features a colorful piano staircase that children can play on. The second musical exhibit in the museum is called Tree Tunes. This outdoor playground exhibit features several different instruments that children can play including a xylophone, chimes, bells, and drums.

Around Town is an exhibit that lets children play the role of a firefighter, vet, fisherman, shopper, train conductor and much more in a mini version of a town. Toddler’s Hollow is a forest-themed exploration exhibit designed for kids under 3 years old. Splash is a water-themed exhibit that introduces kids to the wonders of the ocean and the properties of water.

Sun Sprouts is a garden themed exhibit where kids can learn about planting and growing various plants. Kid Grid is an interactive exhibit that educates children about how the electrical grid works. Art Loft is an interactive art themed exhibit where kids can paint, draw and sculpt. They can then even display their artistic work.

Moneypalooza is a money-themed interactive exhibit where kids can learn about saving, budgeting, and banking. Ideaworks is a hands-on exhibit where the focus is on kids building and designing structures and toy cars that they can race. Power 2 Play is a sports-themed exhibit that teaches children the importance of exercise and proper nutrition while allowing them to try out a variety of sports. Stemosphere is an exhibit that shows kids about math and science through puzzles, games and interactive experiences.

Other Activities and Things to Do at The Museum

After you explore the dozen or so exhibits at the Marble Kids Museum, you can catch an IMAX documentary or feature film on the big screen. The museum also has a café where you can grab a bite to eat. Marble’s museum store on-site sells souvenirs, books, toys, puzzles, and games. An outdoor courtyard area is a great place to relax in nature or simply take a break from play-time. It also has picnic tables where families can enjoy lunches that they packed along.

The Marbles Kids Museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and activities for kids to explore and enjoy. They can play, have fun and learn about diverse topics that range from wildlife, music science, electricity, the ocean, money and so much more. Besides the exhibits, children of all ages can watch educational documentary films and feature films at the giant 3D Imax movie theater located on-site within the museum.

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