It’s the weekend, you’re in Raleigh, and you need to let loose a bit! We are here for you!

Check out this list of some fun and somewhat crazy things to do around downtown Raleigh:

Join the HOTTEST Party Tour Around

You’ve probably been on a Party Bus, but have you ever been on a party fire truck? Axes and Ales offers a completely different party experience. Cruise and booze with your friends in a retrofitted fire truck!

Get Crunk and Stay Fit

Work off that beer while you drink it! The Trolley Pub offers a unique bar-hopping experience. Get a group of friends together on a pedal-powered vehicle and check out some of Raleigh’s most awesome watering holes! Oh, and you can also drink while you ride. It’s sure to get crazy. Don’t forget to WOOO and wave to passerbys!

Give Holly Aiken All of Your Money

Need a little retail therapy? Head to Stitch. Holly Aiken is famous for her creative handbags, wallets, and accessories. Her products are mainly made out of vinyl, which is durable and easy to clean, so they will last for many crazy nights in downtown Raleigh!

Play Bar Roulette

Hail a Raleigh Rickshaw, hand the driver a $20 and tell him or her to surprise you! Who knows where you’ll end up! A craft brewery? An 80s dance party? A wine bar? Wherever you end up, was clearly your crazy destiny!

Crash a Wedding

It might be more acceptable to let the wedding crash into you! Downtown Raleigh is home to many wedding venues and if you are hanging out around Market Hall in City Market or the Marbles Kids Museum on a Saturday, there’s a good chance there’s a wedding party just waiting to spill out onto the streets and into the bars. Grab a beer at Woody’s City Market or a cocktail at Watts & Ward and get ready for awesome drunk people watching. Drunk brides are the best!

Score a Free Ride Home

Every fun and crazy night must come to end unfortunately sooner than later… Why not try to score a free ride home? If you are a trivia buff, you can do just that by calling a Trivia Taxi. During your ride, you’ll play a trivia game with your driver. If you win, your ride is FREE! If you don’t win, you’ve still arrived home safely, which is the ULTIMATE prize after a crazy night in Downtown Raleigh!

So what are some of your favorite unique activities in Downtown Raleigh? Please be sure to hit us up on Twitter @919BlogNC or visit our Facebook page at and let us know! We would love to hear from ya.

This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN