The soon-to-open Funguys brewery, a joint venture between three young beer enthusiasts, will be located just outside of Downtown Raleigh and off Capital Blvd / Wake Forest Rd. The area just east of Five Points and North of Mordecai has been solidly established as a “Craft Brewing District” and major beer destination with many other well-known local brewing companies who have set up operations near-by, including Big Boss, Lynnwood, Sub Noir, Clouds, Nicklepoint, and Neuse River just to name a few.

Funguys brewing is the newest microbrewery to try out its luck in the hot Raleigh area craft beer scene. The 1 and 1/2 yr old company’s core team consists of three close college friends who want to take their love of craft beer to the next level. Funguys Brewing (pronounced fuhn-gahys) company believes that a beer should be brewed to be shared, enjoyed, and considered, preferably with a good friend and in an accommodating setting. The Funguys small batch 7 barrel brewing system allows them to push the limits of creativity.

Co-owner and header brewer Nick Brango tells us they started brewing in non-ideal circumstances years ago… Boiling on on an electric stove top and cold crashing in a bathtub, but the beer turned out great. Their first two brews were a bold flavored IPA and a soured saison. The styles have such a wide range of flavor profiles, so they are great for experimenting with.

You can brew either with a variety of hops, malts, and yeasts. They were some of their favorite styles then, and they still are today, mostly because of how versatile they are. A decent percentage of the beers the Funguys brew will be styles that they can experiment with a variety of hops, malts, and yeast. Funguys went with a 7 barrel brewhouse so they could brew smaller, experimental batches. The overall goal is to have two or three new beers coming on draft each week at Funguys Brewing.

” We really like to do a wide range of styles, and then subsequently experiment with each batch. Our taproom will have a Randall in-house with something new on each day… “


For those who are not familiar with a Randall, it is essentially a steeping device for beer. This will allow Funguys to experiment with all kinds of combinations: IPAs over different hops, stouts over different coffee beans, Hefeweizen over Sour Patch Kids, barleywine on fresh orange slices… The possibilities are virtually endless. The guys love to experiment, but there’s a limit to what can be done in the brewing process alone. This Randall will allow experimenting with flavors in very small quantities.

Funguys also plans on starting a diverse barrel aging program. This is really the most extensive way they plan to express all of their experimental ideas and bring them to reality. For example; wild caught local yeast with local honey, local hops, and local malt plus unaltered water is a great way to show the natural “flavor” of NC.

Funguys plans to carve out its own little niche with craft beer lovers and focus on unique beer offerings. Every beer brewed will be a culmination of their imagination, training, and past beer experiences. Each one of the owners brings a unique, but diverse perspective to the development of the beer. They intend to try and capture the uniqueness of their previous experiences and translate that into a one of a kind beer as much as possible.

” While we will always have our consumers palates at heart, our experimenting will stem from our individual backgrounds. Our first “brewery unique” project has been isolating wild yeast caught off of homegrown peppers and flowers… “


By isolating these wild yeast, Funguys will be able to add another element to their beers. Wild yeast is found in our natural environment and adding them to their beer gives another local element to the beer. Now, this isn’t a new style or groundbreaking research, but the yeast strain is unique to Funguys Brewing and quite tasty. This yeast will require the barrel program, and that will take a little more time and money than the Funguys have as a small startup presently.

They plan on continually reinvesting in the business and pushing the envelope. Learn more about the Funguys team below:

Nicholas Brango — Head Brewer, Taproom Manager, Co-Owner of Funguys Brewing

Nick has been a home brewer for over three years, testing and creating various recipes for a variety of styles of beer. In 2016, he took a class through the American Brewer’s Guild and certified in their extensive brewing course. This course taught him both the chemistry behind brewing and creating recipes, and lessons on planning a successful brewery. With his knowledge of the craft, Nick will create beers that we know the craft beer market desires.

He has also previously worked for a few breweries in the last few years, helping maintain their daily functions. His knowledge from these breweries will carry over to our company, and help him manage the taproom.

Nicholas Fiorenzano — Director of Illustration and Design & Co-Owner of Funguys Brewing

Franz brings the beer and our brand to life with his can illustrations and merch design. Assume any and all artwork being produced is a Nick Fiorenzano original. He has drawn all of Funguys Brewing designs thus far and has furthered his experience of graphic design by taking a course through Ashworth College.

He understands the graphic design techniques and elements to create and elevate can designs and takes this knowledge of the programs to design logos, merchandise, etc. for special release events and other events. He has both the passion for art, along with the technique of graphic design; both of these guide him in his position with the company.

Carly Pina — Director of Marketing and Communications & Co-Owner of Funguys Brewing

Carly graduated with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Duquesne University and spent half a year working for one of the top marketing and event planners in Pittsburgh. As the Director of Marketing and Communication for Funguys, Carly works internally and externally to convey our business and product to the community.

She handles marketing concerns, public relations, plans events, runs social media and is the communication liaison for the company. Her experience in the industry helps to connect with local craft beer lovers, fellow breweries, and businesses, and also interest new fans to enjoy our beer.

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