Parking can sometimes be a challenge in Downtown Raleigh or any other “Urban City Center.” Parking options in the area include street parking in addition to public and private lots/decks with different price points.

Luckily, Downtown Raleigh is a walkable destination and has many options for getting around, so once you park your car for the afternoon or evening, it’s unlikely that you will need to move it if you decide to head towards another part of downtown.

Knowing what to expect is key, so here’s a quick guide to parking in Downtown Raleigh:

Street Parking

Metered street parking is available throughout Downtown Raleigh. If you are parking Monday-Friday between 8pm-5pm, the cost is $1 per hour. Metered spaces also have time limits between these hours. Take note of your parking space number and pay with a credit card or coins at a nearby pay station.

Street parking is FREE after 5pm and on the weekends, which makes street parking the most attractive option.

Parking Decks and Lots

There are quite a few parking decks and lots throughout downtown. There is a fee for all of these decks and lots during the day on weekdays. Fees vary, but you will not pay more than $12 for a full day of parking. Parking is free after 7pm Monday-Thursday in the following decks, provided there is no special event happening: Wilmington Street Station, Moore Square, City Center and Municipal. On Fridays and Saturdays, expect to pay a flat fee of $5 to use these decks. The price goes up to $7 when there is a special event going on. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

If you work downtown or are a frequent visitor, a monthly pass to a lot or deck might make sense for you. You can find pricing information on the City of Raleigh Parklink page.

Getting Around

Once you’ve found a parking space, getting around Downtown Raleigh is easy. The city is walkable, but there are plenty of other options.  The R-Line is a FREE bus service with stops throughout downtown. You can also hail a Raleigh Rickshaw, call a cab or request a Lyft.

If you are planning a visit to Downtown Raleigh and are concerned about parking, there are several resources available.

First, check the Downtown Raleigh Alliance event calendar. Is there a festival going on? Is it First Friday? Is it worth it to circle around downtown a few times to try your luck with street parking or should you go straight to one of the decks?

You can also check out the City of Raleigh’s Temporary Street Closings page to avoid any potential hiccups while driving around downtown. The Passport App and the Downtown Raleigh app are also very helpful when it comes to parking downtown.

As long as you are prepared, parking in Downtown Raleigh should be the least eventful part of your evening. Park your car, get on the R-Line, get to your destination, and have a fantastic time!

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This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN