Looking to plan a romantic evening for a special occasion or just a fun weekend with your significant other? The Downtown Raleigh area offers many whimsical options to make for a fun and memorable time!

Browse around our post below to get more details on 5 awesome ideas for your next date:

Take a Stroll Around Historic City Market

Take a stroll along the brick-lined street of Historic City Market. If you plan your date for First Friday, all of the art studios will be open well into the evening. There are also plenty of shops, restaurants AND photo opportunities. Take a selfie or ask a kind passerby to snap a picture so you can remember this romantic date forever!

Feel Like a Kid Again on the Gustave A. Dentzel Carousel

The whimsy of a Merry-Go-Round never gets old! If you and your date get an early start, head to Pullen Park for a ride on the historic Gustave A. Dentzel Carousel. This historic landmark dates back to 1900s. Learn its history so you can impress your date!

Be on top of the World at Skye Tower Restaurant

Surely you have seen the circular 20-story Holiday Inn in Downtown Raleigh! At the very top is the Skye Tower Restaurant, which has a fantastic view of Raleigh. Treat your date to a cocktail at the bar or enjoy a fantastic meal. Some notable menu items include the Whiskey Sirloin and the Citrus Grilled Salmon. Be sure to request a table near a window so you can take in the view while you enjoy your romantic dinner!

All-inclusive Date Night at Brewery Bhavana

This date involves some planning. Brewery Bhavana is one of the hottest restaurants in Downtown Raleigh. It’s always packed, so a reservation is most definitely required. The cool part about taking your date to Brewery Bhavana is that everything you need for a romantic date is right there: fresh-brewed craft beer, unique cocktails and delicious dim-sum dishes to share. You can also step up your game with a gift.

Located in Brewery Bhavana you will find a flower shop and a bookshop. Surprise your date with a unique bouquet or a book on a topic that you talked about on your previous date. Your date is sure to feel extra special!

Take in some Jazz Music

Not ready to end the night just yet? There are plenty of spots around Downtown Raleigh that feature jazz music in the evenings. Check out C. Grace, Circa 1888 or Big Easy and dance the night away!

These are just a few suggestions for a romantic evening in Downtown Raleigh. Another romantic date idea is to simply explore together on foot. You never know what you might discover. Downtown Raleigh is a vibrant and growing urban city. You never know what you might just stumble across.

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This post was created in collaboration with the Downtown Raleigh Blog editorial team and 919 Blog contributor Amy Howard for exclusive digital publication via TBN